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How does this look to go with my CPU

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CPU pentium 1 200
RAM 128mb EDO pc66



Hows it look?

Should I get those?

Wasn't that top of the line for its day?

Or if yo have something better

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Sim ram nice, the 32mb versions had heat spreaders because they got hotter then fudge
wow, that goes back..... hey, i have a 12 meg voodooII in my drawer here. you can have it if you like! heck, i even the sli cable that came with it.....last week i threw out a soundblaster 16 ISA card, that would have rocked your system!!!! i used to have 2 of them but prolly gave the other one away many eons ago.... man, i can remember when they were the cats meow! running "quake" on them... heheheheee.....

il give the the VooDooII for 0 dollars. just send me a self addressed stamped envelope that will fit it and its yours.
and if you want, ill look through my drawers here, i bet i have some old ram sticks laying around....
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I would probablly do that but the canadian shipping...... and the fact that your not supposed to make offers in these hreads (by PM)
man, im giving it away. theres no problem with that is there? just send me your mailing addy and ill send it to you..... i order stuff from the us all the time, not a problem, ill even pay the shipping, itll be like 5 buks. all i wanna see is that it gets used. ;-)
Damn, a P1 with 128MB RAM!

Just found the receipt for my old P3, and it had 64MB when I first got it, but we upgraded it to 384MB later.

P3 667MHz, Hitachi 64MB 133MHz SDR + some RAM from unused Israeli Defense Force computers (
) to 384MB, Generic Midi ATX case with 300W PSU, Asus P3V-X4 VIA133 693X, 3dfx Voodoo3, Quantum 20GB 7200RPM drive that cost me twice as much as two WD 320GB drives would cost today (my dad thought the PC did not start because of it, so he raped it with a screwdriver.... bleh), Creative 128bit PCI Sound

good old times
(this was back at Q3 2000)

I still have it and the Voodoo3 inside it (it's probably gonna go bye soon though), as I'm getting a new rig and this one's going to my little brother

If I was in the US I'd give you the entire thing for free (but I think the PSU is dead - it won't start at all)

On another note, the shop I'm buying my new rig at is selling a P3 866MHz for just under $20. :<
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Well I would definitly buy all Voodoo cards
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