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How high can your HD4850 pull with stock everything?

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say, mine can do 725/1100 with stock everything - voltage, cooler, ect...

how about yours ?
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MIne did 725/1175 with stock cooler and volts and 860Mhz with pencil mod.
730/1050, but haven't OC'd the RAM at all past factory clocks and the core can probably go higher, but then it becomes unstable for [email protected]
Mine used to do 740/1100 but the temps got to it after awhile.
Used to to 700\\1000, but then it stopped OCing at all.

RMA'ing it now since it died.
originally 730/1100 without a mod,then 850/1150 with pencil modding and some extra cooling now 750/1150 without a mod
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I had 740mhz core and 1100mhz memory. That was running fine for about a week, until my card started artifacting at stock, and underclocked settings. RMAed it, and I guess it died before it got there lol. I received a new 4850 from Asus after a MONTH of waiting

Core may be able to go more, but CCC has the 700 limit and running Rivatuner in the background slows my system, so the extra 10-20 mhz I get on the core won't make up for the bog down.
When I had my VisionTek 4850 512MB, it would run stable 24-7 @ 700/1125, fan @ 65%. Anything higher and it would artifact.
695/1235 Though its currenty dead and beeing replaced.

Any higher and it starts artifacting really mildly. The temps are still really low so I guess the card needs more voltage to actually really go any higher.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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