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How important are capicitors, cuz...i so broke one off my new mobo.

I ordered a biostar tforce a few weeks back, got it ..OC'd it to 3.05ghz (305httx10) and loved it BUT the ethernet port ran at 56k speeds practically. So i RMA'd it. Finally got my new board in yesterday, installed it in my case and then started installing components. The card was being weird, and took some prying and pushing and in the midst of the madness i capicitor near the southbridge ...snapped off its solder joints...I freaked out, but decided to install everything and try anyways.

Needless to say im chilling here at 2.85ghz occt stable typing this now, and it doesnt seem to have any effect. I'm assuming this capictor had something to do with the 'onboard video' this board comes with, BUT IM NOT SURE.

So...anyone? How important are these things usually.lol im just so amazed at this that i want to cry but its not hurting my system..yet.

O and BTW, my 2nd board came with a f'in bad Ethernet Port again. But i found an old ethernet card lying around. Have a vid card, creative xfi and ehternet card filling the only 3 slots on this Micro. TIIIIIGHT Squeeze. Sigh...
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