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Newegg's reviews have a lot of complaints about VRM overheating and board death from that.

AsRock's staff responded by telling people they need to use down-blowing CPU coolers which is an odd thing to demand since pretty much all serious air coolers are side blowing (e.g. NH-D15). Their website also has a chart that basically says all FX chips over 95W need to use a down-blowing CPU cooler.

It looks like the board really isn't able to handle the load from a 9590 (or overclocked 8000x with similar or greater wattage demands) without a significant amount of air blowing directly onto the VRMs. So, it looks like having a fan jury-rigged to blow onto the VRMs is probably the best bet. It may also be a good idea to remove the heatsink to be sure there isn't too much paste. One reviewer said theirs was not making good contact which caused the board to overheat and die.

Of the 43 reviews, 26% (11 of them) are 1 star. All are verified owners. Also, only two of the 4+ star reviews mentioned overclocking 8 thread chips and the speeds mentioned were 4.2 and 4.3 GHz, which is hardly anything special.
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