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Seems to be a new "ASRock 970 Performance" "Supports FX 9590 & 9370 CPUs, 3-Way CFX, M.2, Purity Sound 2" with an 8+2 powerphase and 220w cpu support.

sounds like their answer to the MSI Gaming 970, as well as trying to take a stab at intel's z97 with the M.2 support, hmmmm interesting. Maybe it would be a better choice than the MSI gaming 970.


not sure, it only has 3 reviews. So this, the MSI Gaming 970, and randomly years later the old Biostar ta970 getting a black/yellow color change as well as UEFI are apparently the only new am3+ mobos in awhile.

A reviewer on the 970 gaming complained there was no way to enter an exact voltage on the cpu? "Cons: The SATA ports are horizontal, and can be a pain to add/remove the cables. Overclocking on this board is also very weird, as MSI has chosen to go with voltage offsets rather than letting you enter an exact voltage. It was slightly confusing at first, and no where in the manual does it mention anything about offsets, I just had to figure it out on my own."

Would be interesting to get to push this 1055t past 3.5ghz, as well as 8320 support if I upgrade one day. Seems like it's built around the Streamer crowd too, including xsplit...although everybody I know that streams just uses OBS anyway. (which I guess is free since alot seem to use it...?)
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