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How is this headphone spec looks?

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Driver Diameter: 44mm
Impedance: 32ohm
Frequency response: 18Hz-22,000Hz
Sensitivity (S.P.L): 89+-3dB

I'm not expert in speaker performance but what does the info mean to those are expert or professional in audio? Are those specs makes a good audio performance afterall? Thanks
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What are you getting a headphone for? gaming? If you are I would admonish you to look into the Audio Technica ATH-AD700. I just got a new pair of them and they are the best headphones I have used for gaming, period. Running them off my xonar dgx sound card and they are just wonderful ;p. If you are a basehead you won't like them though as they do not produce 'thump' base but instead a very clean base that is punchy but just not like the punch you get with a closed back headphone.

I picked mine up for 80$ CAD plus 16 bucks shipping so it was basically like 100 bucks and worth every penny.
What cans did those specs come from? Specs are not everything FYI (though they are very important, but also build quality of the cans make a BIG difference as well).

Mid range AKG Q701 specs

Frequency Response10Hz - 39.8kHz
Maximum Input Power200 mW
Input Impedance62 ohms
Sensitivity105 dB SPL/V
Two sets of different headphones with the exact specs will not sound the same. Any sound equipment must be described/rated by those who have heard a vast array of music/sounds from them to get any idea of what they're like. There are plenty of headphones with very similar specs that sound vastly different. You need to find some headphones you think you might like, then ask about them specifically. Those numbers don't really mean anything.
Yeah i need a headphone mostly for music and games. The one i have now is too tight makes me very uncomfortable after a long day wear. I used to have a Sony backneck type which is very lightweight and comfortable but doesn't provide enough volume power if i turn the bass high.

Technica ATH-AD700 is using audiojack which might be the same faith as my Sony's lacking audio power when using with Realtek chip with no driver installed.

@Lord Xeb, the spec is an USB powered model i looked on the web, there's no telling how well is the build quality. But looks good quality from the picture.

@Cha0s_Cha0, i see, but i should start looking for the models that has good specs on paper.
I find USB headphones sound like crap (then again I am an beginner audiophile, so most headphones sound like crap to me). Also why do you not have any driver installed for your sound card?

AD700s can be easily powered by a iphone, so your jack should provide plenty of power to it.
Well let me tell you the technica's are also no doubt one of the most comfortable headsets you can get. I literally forget I'm wearing them half the time and they are SO LIGHT it's really nice. When I first got them it felt like they were horribly loose and something was wrong lol, it feels almost like they are going to slide of your head but they don't. It grew on me quickly and now I love the way they fit. I have read people have had problems who have smaller sized heads but thankfully I have a big ass head so they fit good.

They use a standard 3.5MM audio jack to plug in so you shouldn't have any problems there and they are only 32OHM required to power these babies so even onboard audio should be able to make this things sound good and power them no problem. I have the realtek 898 chip and they sound great on those. I find the onboard more tinny in sound then the xonar dgx and the overall quality of sound is better on my dgx but as far as loudness goes they both can get louder then you would ever want them for comfortable listening ;p
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Well start from Windows 7 RC i discovered a feature that is the Bass Boost. It boosts the bass in an unique way that all the music sounds great but in exchange of lacking treble and very low audio power output on Realtek chip (works fine on Marvell chip). And the Bass Boost feature is disabled if the driver is installed.
Originally Posted by Vuzer View Post

Driver Diameter: 44mm
Impedance: 32ohm
Frequency response: 18Hz-22,000Hz
Sensitivity (S.P.L): 89+-3dB

I'm not expert in speaker performance but what does the info mean to those are expert or professional in audio? Are those specs makes a good audio performance afterall? Thanks
Driver diameter - 44mm is suitable for headphones (some use smaller, some use larger, with size not meaning too much of anything)

Impedance - 32 ohms is within the norm and doesn't indicate anything about sound quality, just about the kind of load it presents to an amplifier

Frequency response - meaningless without more info. Let's say we're looking at a graph, say of percentage of people that are a certain height within some unknown group. 150cm and 185cm are marked on the graph (min and max? 25% percentile point? who knows?), and there's no line or any data plotted on the y-axis. Useful, huh? That's what we have here: two values on the x-axis without any information on what they mean or what the data is on the y-axis.

Sensitivity - around 89... whats? per what? Usually it's expressed in dB SPL / 1 mW input or dB SPL / 1 V input, but both don't make sense here (89 would be too low of a value for the majority of headphones). That's with the dB referenced to 0 dB being the threshold of audibility for human hearing, the quietest sound that can be heard in the best of circumstances. Possibly that's 89 dB SPL / 0.1 V input, which would be 109 dB SPL / 1V input (equivalently, 94 dB SPL / 1 mW input), on the quiet side. Well, that's just about how loud the thing gets, so nothing about sound quality.

So pretty much there's no information there about the sound.

It's possible to be given data that can fairly well describe the sound of headphones, but none of that is there. The manufacturers rarely publish much meaningful information relating to that.

If you want real information, check third-party reviews, measurements:

Though some of that can be misleading if you don't know all the surrounding circumstances, how to properly interpret it.
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^ Didn't know about the dr. Head measurements. Cheers mike.
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