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How long is the MAG Beta good for?

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At first the MAG download was ~250MB and I thought "wow, that's small." Then it downloaded a 30MB update and I was like "okay, small potatoes." Then the game launches and starts to update a third time, only now it's 1840.19MB.

So now I'm wondering how long the Beta is gonna last...?
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Worried you can't DL it in time?
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Couple months. It comes out late January I believe.

Just let it sit overnight man. That's all I did.
Thought I read somewhere the beta ends later this week. But then; I'm not sure. my beta code from Sony didn't work and now its too late to see if i can get a new one.
Yeah its a big download for a very average game i played the beta for a while it was ok but i was just waiting for COD MW2, Ill wait to see the full version. Its a bit of a COD battlefield mash up in my opinion nothing overly new to the table.
I DL'd that yesterday, total from beta entry to ingame playing for 1 hour 20 minutes, I left a timer on, just to see
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