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How long to get passkey?

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I realize that it is not necessary to fold, but why not. I asked for one of the site about an hour ago and I have yet to receive my email with it. It seems like this kind of thing would have been instant, but I guess not? I was just wondering how long it usually takes to receive the key. Thanks.
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I remember asking for one awhile ago, but never used it. I know it was within a few hours, but not sure exactly how long.
You need to use a passkey to get bonus points on the bigadv projects.

The email goes out pretty much immediately; I had mine in under a minute. Check your spam folders.
Yeah, checked the Junk folder and nothing there. Maybe it will come later. Thanks for the help guys.
I'd give it another shot.
I got my key immediately.
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I say try again. It should just regenerate the same key it should have sent.
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Alright. I tried it again and it immediately sent it this time around. Thanks.
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