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How many watts does my rig need?

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I'm rebuilding my sig rig into a new case and adding a new case and psu and fans for a silent pc and i was wondering how many watts do you guys think my pc needs.

I was thinking of getthing This OCZ power supply I know it's 600w which is probaly over kill but it's so cheap.

How much does my rig wattage now and latter on I will probably buy an X1950 so it must support that also.

Since i'm doing a quiet build i'm probably going to be buying a

Seasonic PSU

Or anything of that nature. Any recomindations are welcome
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good deal..go for it.

4 x 18A for the 12v rails..its definitely good for the price.
which one are you talking about? I posted two PSU's

I'm thinking of not even using NewEgg

The Tax and shipping are NUTS!!!

I'm getting This Lian Li Case

And that OCZ Psu

It's $13 tax and $24 shipping THATS NUTS. Maybe it's becasue the case is heavy but i'm looking else where.

Also getting a pair of the Yate Loon Fans

They are extremely silent

So what's up with the PSU so can I get this Seasonic PSU or not?

God I hate the internet i keep finding new stuff

Here is my latest find

Same Lian Li Case $112 Shipped

2 Yate Loon Fans $16 Shipped

Corsair 520w PSU

$107 shipped without rebate
$97 shipped with rebate

Total $225 or $235
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Well..seasonic is a much more reputable PSU builder than OCZ is. The seasonic PSU features almost perfect VR @ 99%, but only has 2x 12v rails rated at 15A each. While it may outlast the OCZ in terms of reliability, it lacks the extra power!

Buy the OCZ. Oh and nice case.
I just calculated if i buy the OCZ PSU + Lian Li case from New Egg It cost me $221 Shipped

But if i guy the Corsair PSU from Zip zoomfly + Lian Li case from New Egg it will cost me $195 Shipped

There for I loose $25 by shopping at new egg. No Thanks

But also i get a modular psu if i get the corsair so wouldn't it be smart to that instead
no. stop being so cheap and spend the extra $20...or just get a cheap 500W PSU. If you are paying for quiet and quality, the OCZ is leagues ahead of that corsair
Here is a wattage Calculator for your power supply requirements:
or this
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