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How Much Better Is The 8800GTX Over The GTS

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The title says it all
lol. Just wondering, that's all, because there is a major price difference in what seems to be RAM
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RAM ammount, and i think i saw higher clocks on the GTX
Oh, that too.
There are 128 unified shaders on the GTX, vs 96 on the GTS, as well as the smaller RAM size. I think the price difference is worth it.
Yeah, but why such a price difference? It's about £170/$320 over here.
Differences are the ram sizes, clock speeds, memory interface (320 bit vs 384 bit) and the stream processors (96 vs 128). Either card will give you great preformance. Depends on your buget though. The 8800GTS is a better "preformance for the price" card.
Its a bit better, as it should be... but the real world performance... pff, a 7900gtx will own any game... the 8800xxx cards are just total overkill untill some better games hit the shelves. So i say get the GTS if your lookin to save a few $$. Besides, some new DX10 cards will be out soon im sure, so prices will only drop on them.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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