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I am curious how many watts everyone is pulling. Be sure to post your setup.

For example, I just finished my Z97 build and it has the following consumption:

-i7 4790k (stock settings), Asrock exstreme6 z97, 750W bronze OCZ psu, (3) 7200 drives raid zero. All power saving settings enabled. Not sure if the raid drives spin down at idle.

- idle 40-45W
- CPU load about 120W - 150W (roughly)

with my 6850 GPU installed

- idle roughly 100W
- cpu load 200W

I have not tested with GPU load yet. I am mainly curious about idle wattage as that is where my PC spends most of its time.

I also have a trinity A4 APU setup that idles at about 20 Watts and can even stream a full hd movie at 25-30W. This is a very efficient itx setup though.

All power numbers are coming from a 'Kill-A-Watt" meter bought from Amazon.
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