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how much power

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ok, i am building a new computer and how do i know what wattage of power i want/need. im asking b/c i am probably building a few more computers shortly for my family and i just want to know how to gauge how much power will be needed in each computer. ( I want to know b/c if i get different parts for each what do i need to look at)

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Is english your first language?

A quality 400w-600w powersupply is the norm. If you have an integrated video device, one harddrive, and a power efficient dual core CPU, you could easily get by on a 350W PSU.

Once you start adding multiple drives, dedicated videocards, and high performance fans...the power consumption will go up.
im looking at a 320GB HD, a C2D, a nice audio card for recording i think, i dont game much so no GFX card, 4 gb of ram and prolie a gigabyte mo bo
its funny b/c i actually got myself that before i asked this question in my wish list haha
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