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How much Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Extreme for 3990x?

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Picked up one of those 2 gram tubes, ended up using the entire thing, and still have empty spots. I kept trying to spread it more evenly, and the empty spots just slowly grew. Last time I applied this stuff, I used the entire tube, and just barely managed to not have voids at the last second.

Any advice on how to spread it? How much of the tube needs to be used for a 3990x?
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IDK but I had 1g of regular TIM, and I only covered a CPU and a GPU, I could have done 3-4 if I was careful. So that 2g sounds like a lot to me.

Maybe if u heated the chip up 1st, before u could have laid the chip on a hot dinner plate, now maybe a bit of warm/hot air could help ??

It's expensive stuff, I'm thinking about trying it on a GPU, but yeah if I mess it up, and run out 1/2 way, I better have more.
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