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How much thermal Paste?

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This is my first build. I read the AMD manual to see how much thermal paste i should apply. It said to go to the AMD site and look at the Thermal Cooling Guideline. I went there and could not find it. Can someone send me a link to where it is, or tell me how much i should put on? (my proc. is a 3700)

-Thank you
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Check this link. They even give you an example on an AMD CPU.
Some people like to add a thin layer over the whole processor, whereas the instructions say to add a small bead.

I personally use a small bead and it has worked fine.
What kinda paste are you using? If it is AS5 follow the above link, for all others spread a very thin layer over the top of the CPU, best to use a credit card or something to ensure it is level. The layer should only be 1mm thick.
i would say less than 1mm if non as5. For as5, i put a dab about the size of a bb, then spread it around using my finger covered in plastic wrap. There needs to be a touch more over the core(s) than on the outer edges.
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