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how noticable is the difference between 720p and 1080p?

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im thinking of getting an hdtv but am on a serious budget. im looking for something for my bedroom so i dont want something too big, maybe like 32 or 37 and figure i can save money by going with 720p but dont want to take a major hit in picture quality. so how big of a difference is there? would a regular person be able to tell the difference? it would be for tv and xbox360 not really movies cause i dont have a blu-ray player
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Pretty noticeable, especially if you hook up your computer to it. Go with a 1080.
So only broadcast TV, not actual movies (I.E blu-ray)? I'd say get 720P if you're only going to be watching TV, and even then, it'll still be good for a movie once you do get a BR player.

Whats your budget?

This is on sale (or will be in a day):
There is a noticeable difference on monitors 37"+ (in my opinion) it is a bit harder to tell the diff between a 32" 720P TV and a 32" 720p Tv
The most important question.... What's your viewing distance? It may or may not matter.
at 32" the difference is only minor. Honestly, even on my 46", you have to be looking really carefully to see a difference between the two. 1080p will be better, but on those size screens, it probably won't be a big difference.

Originally Posted by Blackhawk4 View Post
There is a noticeable difference on monitors 37"+ (in my opinion) it is a bit harder to tell the diff between a 32" 720P TV and a 32" 720p Tv
do you mean 32'' 720 and a 37'' 720?
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Originally Posted by Professor9229 View Post
do you mean 32'' 720 and a 37'' 720?
Nope. It is hard to tell a difference from a 32" HDTV thats 720p and a 32" HDTV that's 1080p
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wait are you guys being serious, im just like the op, and am looking for a 32 in but am on a budget of 300$, its impossible finding a good 1080p at that price. My distance is about 2-3 feet now and in a year about 8-10 feet. I am gonna use it for both ps3(bluray and games) and computer(games). is it worth getting 1080?

Sorry did not mean to hijack this thread.
I say go for the 32 inch 720p Emerson at Walmart for $250 (on black friday)
sick deal imo
For BluRay playback, and computer screen viewing/gaming, I'd go with 1080p.
my viewing distance is 5-6 feet i would say, i dont plan on using it with my computer, just tv and 360. my budget it maybe around $400 but if i could spend even less that would be great
Yeah for $400, get 720P. You...can get 1080P for that price, but yeah.

Look around for Black Friday deals and see if you can snag a nice Samsung or something for a good discount.
If you don't have a 1080p source, I don't feel that there is any reason to buy a 1080p tv when on a budget. Broadcast televsion, cable, and satelite aren't displayed in 1080p and I'm not too sure about the 360, but I doubt it will matter.

It seems like everyone is concerned about the numbers, I'll take a samsung 720p set over a 1080p visio.
To be honest when I got my 37" Toshiba, It was setting with 4 other 37" sets, all 1080p, the Tosh was the only 720p set out of the bunch, needless to say not only could you not tell a difference at normal viewing distance but it also had better overall picture quality than the other 4 (Sony, Phillips, Samsung, Sharp) it was sitting with. I have never regretted the purchase and it still accepts 1080p as an input. like others have said if your vieiwing your tv at an acceptable normal distance (usually 1.5 - 3 times the picture size in distance) then its gonna be hard to tell on anything less than a 42-46" set.
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