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How often do you all change your batteries?

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I barely play my 360 and im changing them every 2 months. I don't use generic batteries much either.
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Well, I change my batteries for my hearing aids every 6 hours or so...
Dont have a 360 but my friend has one and every time i go over, he takes 2 AA batteries from the wii (his sister's) and puts it into the controller i'd be gaming it.
All he says to his sister when she comes to play the wii is "fvck the wii, wii are playing 360..." and she started crying lol

Overall, it seems that he plays around 5 hours a week and changes them every 6 weeks or so. I tell him to get a recharger but he doesn't "need" it
THIS sort of deal will make it so you never need to replace your batteries again. And cheaper then the M$ counterpart.

I picked mine up for around 10$
They last me about four days if I play a lot.

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They last me about four days if I play a lot.
Same as me, Microsoft says there rechargeable packs can go for about 30 hours with out a re-charge.
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I've had my 360 for like 3 weeks and still using the batteries that came with it. I'd say prob played around 30 hours.
A 40 hour playthrough of Assassin's Creed 2 and my batteries are apparently half full.

A set can last me for months, as I rarely play games for long periods of time on my xbox.
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Rechargable batteries are great in these sorts of uses.

I recommend the Duracell Mobile Charger, which is discontinued but still around. Toys R Us has it and you can pick it up on Ebay.

It's better than most chargers since it stops charging when the battery is full rather than running on a timer and overcharging your batteries.

Also, Duracell makes great low self discharge batteries (sold under the "Precharged" label) that don't drain very much on their own and are extremely durable. After a year of sitting around, these will have 75-80% of their charge left while most NiMH batteries will be dead.

Also, Sanyo Eneloops are top notch low self discharge batteries too. Some say that they're better than the Duracells.
Can you use normal rechargeable batteries in a 360 controller and use the plug in and play kit to charge them up would be good for my other controller if you can do that.

I have a red controller I use at the moment and the batteries last AGES in that and I hammer cod on a daily basis, surprisingly good life considering the controller is about a year old.
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