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How often do you reformat?

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How often do you reformat? I think i reformat a bit too much lol i go from xp to vista to dual booting to windows 7 to back to xp lol.
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About once a year. Actually, thats a lie. I lasted three years with the same XP 64 partition.
Every year or two, usually whenever I upgrade my motherboard.
I very rarely reformat without a reason. (as in for plain old maintenance) That said, I usually have a reason at least twice a year, lol. Whether it is a new mobo or hdd or a new OS.
About every six months. Bummer is I just did it at the beginning of the year, but will be getting a 500GB soon, and then I'll want to do it again.
i used to format every six months just to optimize my system but i havent bothered in the last year or so.
During any major hardware change usually, like mobos and obviously HDDs'. Which seems like once a month lately.
But just to reformat for maintenance, never.
I only format for a new motherboard. For hard disks, I just clone them. For anything else, I clean out the old the drivers.
No more than twice a year. Or, like others have said, during big hardware changes.
Least possible,
only when I have problems-slow system-full harddrive of crap
: )
Once or twice a year. Although I will be reformatting tonite due to a new MB.
lol I must be a minority, I do it once every month.
6 months... I have to admit I somewhat changed my habits with ghosting through the years... Now I just make a clean, optimized version of the OS with all the tweaks.. and I ghost it... And that,s what I use for a while.
Depends on hardware upgrades
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only when i change my mobo and os.
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when i had my P4 1.6ghz Dell i used to format every 3-6 months

i've had my sig rig since October of '08 so been about 6 months and still don't feel the need to reformat at all....however, i am about to buy another hdd so once that gets here, it's gonna be time to reformat and RAID 0
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