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How quiet is your PC?

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2 words:

Not very.
43dba is my loudest 32dba is my quietest

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2 words:

Not very.
lmao when i read the headline while waiting to type i read yours and laughed i had that same thing in my head the whole time to post here
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Pretty dang loud for a laptop, but i'm guessing thats because its a pressy.
Depends on the PSU. It can break 50dba if I turn the fans up all the way, but is usualy around 37dba for normal use.
In my new Antec P180B ATX Case (Ordered!) I will have four Scythe S-Flex 8.7dBA (Not really 8.7dBA) 33.5CFM fans with a Big Typhoon CPU Cooler and a stock GPU cooler that comes with the R600. And the RD600 Motherboard will use heatpipes not active cooling so that's silent, too.

Quiet Rating: Silent... Hopefully.

[OCN] Ninja_Boy
It's not loud for me, but it probably is compared to pre-builts. I don't really notice how loud it is until I shut it down, which is rare.
I can hear it outside my room like 20 ft away and it is loud, stupid 80mm, I I take it off it is whisper quiet, I hate 80mm fans!
I have reached the perfection of 26dba but at max I reach about 34dba

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Well here is mine:

But i was playing music at the time

But mine is pretty damn quiet.

Not bad
But you stole my song! lol
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If you could hear my PC, I wouldn't be worthy of my title now would I? Lol, as of now I have the 3 stock P180 fans set to "L" and I added a 14dBA SilenX intake and I used my dremel to cut out all the fan grills to reduce the sound of turbulant air. My brother just ordered his P180B and he ordered 8 Scythe fans which are considered one of the top 3 quietest fans available: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16835185004
Obviously I'm not naive enough to believe it's 8.7dBA claim but as I said, SilentPCReview did a roundup of 120mm silent fans and this was among the best.

Forgot to say, he ordered 8 of them so he could use 4 for his case and I'm using the other 4 to replace my fans, its damn quiet as it is but you can still faintly hear my computer and that's not good enough for me.
not really noisy, but not quiet either. Lots of whoooooooshing from moving air. I have 10 fans, though, so that's understandable.
AMD+ATi rig = VERY noisy (39 dB)

Sig rig (Mah own rig, or my AMD+nVidia rig) = Silent, guessing 24dB.
I got my 8.7dBA Scythe SFF21D fans, I installed four into my new P180B for my brother's computer and it's actually slightly louder than my computer with the 3 Antec TriCools and the SilenX fan, I'm going to swap the SilenX with one of those Scythes but the stock P180B fans are actually a bit quieter than these Scythes lol.
I was running a 754 3000+ at a little over 3Ghz (2 stock) but i switched motherboards and now im at stock. I no longer have the Tornados on at all and the processor fan is no longer blowing 90 CFMs. behold the beast!
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