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How should I partition my 1TB drive?

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Hey guys,

I'm building my first rig and I'm not really sure how I should divide my 1TB HD.

This is what a I want (but tell me if it's a good idea).

So I want to have a dual boot.

XP now and Windows 7 later when the bugs are all worked out.

I want to keep these 2 main partions small enough to install my programs for each OS on it but not the files.

Then I'd like a partition, for general files (I'm not sure if I should partition further, eg: another for my graphic design business files, etc).

Anyway I'm not really sure how to divide up my drive and how big each partition should be .. . I really don't want to go through the pain of redoing it all over again if things are too small.

Thanks for the help.

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i would just make two partitions. one for each os, and keep all your files on one of those partitions in folders. there's really no reasin to have a seperate partition for stuff like business files, when you can just put it in a folder.
40GB for XP
75GB for W7
Whatever is left for files.
200 for xp 600-750 for 7 and the rest in a ntfs or fat32 partition for say linux and files it is also good to have a seprate partition like that with your files for say back up if one of your partitions go bad.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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