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Hi guys, I've recently got myself a 2015 Macbook Pro and the PCI-e based SSD on these things is insane compared to my measly 7200rpm WD drive on my PC.
I'm really starting to want an upgrade on it as the wait times are killing me and I also run out of storage every once in a while (I have one 1TB drive and that's it).
I'm wondering what the best upgrade scheme would be but my budget is tight so it's a little more interesting.

I'd say I can max out at a 240gb 850 Evo on the SSD side of things (I live in New Zealand so PC parts come at a huge premium [If i buy an ssd I will save about $20 by paying $20 for shipping from amazon US]) if I'm also buying more hard drives (I would buy second hand hdds)

What I need help with is deciding what to do for the rest of the storage. On my SSD I will put my OS and a couple of applications and games, but I still want the rest of my stuff to be faster.
I have about 500Gb of movies and tv shows for which speed is not an issue as the folders still load instantly however, what am I meant to do with the rest of my storage?
I think 1.5TB is about all the storage I will need but I currently don't have a backup system (and no hard drives to support it).

I looked into online storage but for those prices I could buy another hard drive each year, obviously this would be less secure than what they provide but my files are not to important to be. All I care about is my applications and OS because they would take days to reinstall.

I'm basically just really unsure of what I should do. Do I forfeit 500GB of storage by buy a 500gb ssd and then partition my 1TB hard drive and using one half of it as a backup for the SSD?

I have a 1TB HDD. I want fast storage. I live in NZ. I have $200. I have no backups. My first 500GB is important to me, the rest I can replace easily.
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