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How the hell do I install DD-WRT

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Basically we have a Linksys WRT150N router with DD-WRT V24 firmware flashed on it.

But, we have forgotten both the password and administrator name. How do we reset them and what is the default username/password combo. We thought we had reset it, but entering what DD-WRT wiki said was the default didn't work.
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Conventional theory for resetting a Linksys:

1) Hold down reset button in back with power still plugged in, for 30 seconds.
2) Continue holding down reset button and unplug power, for 30 seconds
3) Continue holding down reset button and plugging power back in, for 30 seconds.

I personally think 30 seconds for each step is too long, and 10 seconds for each step usually works for me.

Such a step would reset the device to, username: Root, password: admin.
What did you try for the passwords?

By default if you hold the reset button on the back for over thirty seconds it'll reset all the settings to default.

And by default, all the routers of Linksys that I've used were User: root Password: admin or User: Password: admin or User: admin Password: admin

One of those always works for me.
should be
username: root
password: admin

i plan on doing this myself and done some research... i plan on doing a cheap alternative to turn my unused router into a wireless reciever for my 360
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OK, cool. We did a hard reset by deleting the NVRAM.

Basically, what we have found is that to use the Internet on this router, we have to bridge it with our existing router given to us by our ISP (Be Unlimited).

So, we have set it up so that it is bridged and the DD-WRT based router is getting Internet settings and PC's are connecting to it, but the wireless only works from the original Be router and not the DD-WRT that is bridged to it.

Ethernet just doesn't work at all. It's like the Be router isn't passing data to the DD-WRT router.
Can you disable a wireless interface of a router via Telnet
You can disable a Wireless Setting via the GUI.

Go to the Wireless tab, and under Wireless Network Mode click Disabled.

Also, may I ask why you have Telnet service still enabled? It is more of a risk then any other exploit.

Have you thought about MAC Address Cloning to see if you can bypass the router that your ISP gave you completely, and just give it back to them? If you want to hook up the DD-WRT Router to it, you would first need to go about disabling several things in the ISP's router for it to allowed to be connected and function properly. Such as, DHCP, change the router function from Gateway to Router, etc. Give me a bit and I will get you a full guide.
Oh man, this is weird. Basically, it was impossible to use DD-WRT with Be Unlimited Internet apparently. We had to bridge the connection so the Be ISP acted simply as a Modem. We had to use Telnet to add certain IP addresses to some list otherwise it wouldn't bridge the connection properly.

Aaaaaaaaaaaanyway, after 2 hours it's all sorted and working. QoS is awesome as well!
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