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How this build look?

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So looking to order this stuff in next day or two. Want to see if iam either forgeting anything or if anyone could give recommendations on price vs performance. I plan on using this sytem for next couple of years(doubtful knowing me year or 2 make another rig). I plan on using it for mainly gaming and playing around with virtualization

CPU: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16819115202
Thermal paste: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16835202006
Heatsink:http://www.performance-pcs.com/catal...ducts_id=26691 (worried it may be to big and cover up ram slots.
(Very unsure about the mobo. Had good luck with asus. Like the Sata 6.0/usb 3.0, Looks ok i guess and more then i was wanting to spend.)
Power supply: Coolermaster silent pro 700
GPU: most likley 5770 till either nvidia does something or 5850 gets better price. 8800gts i use runs hot and is not g92.
Case: Cosmos 1000
Harddrive: Looking at SSD but thinking may put price above what iam looking at. And already have 2 750gb seagate drives. I can use.

Think everything looks good. Cant really think of anything else i would need. Have a Dvd drive already. Just some decent case fans. So any help would be great. Thanks

Sorry for the neweggs links! with it being hit by Bf shoppers.
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Don't worry about the cooler, the RAM sticks have very short heat spreaders that will allow the cooler to be installed without issues; however you'll have to remove it to change the RAM (if you have to). Everything else looks great, however the Cosmos 1000 isn't all that good with airflow, so you'll see little benefit to adding more fans.
Ye already own the cosmos 1000 and Love the way the case looks. I plan on cuting it up a bit before i build this system to improve the air coming in. WHere before only 1 intake fan at the bottom. Iam gona fit 3 120mm fans on the bottom. Well thats the plan anyways. Only issue would be is it wont be front to back its gona be bottom to back/top. hopefully wont effect it to much.
Yeah, as long as you can keep the drive bays and do that it should work out. When you do get that done, CM's own R4s would work fine for the intake fans.
ye i had 5 R4s in the case originally. They did a good job but 3 of them have started to make some noise after only using them for 4 or 5 months. Brushing ticking scratching noises sorta sad they are going out so quick. Iam looking at the scythe 140mm fans for the top. But the other spots not a clue.
I don't think 140mm fans will fit in the top... but S-Flex Es are great for intake and exhaust.
They should the case has wholes for 2 120mm or 140mm fans. And the Scythe fans are 140mm with 120mm holes. Ill look into the fans you mentioned. Thanks.
Hm, I didn't know that. Yeah, give those S-Flexes a shot, they're really good.
Actually just thought of something iam gona need. With my Current Mother board for the power to reach the top of the board i need an exstenion cable. Now for i7 what does they use? I only have one for my sig rig. So gona need to order another one. The boards i keep looking at seem to have half the connector covered.
That setup looks like a pretty kickass rig to me. And if you are wondering about the board, the ASUS P6x mobos are all great IMO. I've had/heard nothing but positive things to say about them.
You want to get yourself one of the new awesome Pentium II's !!

I've just bought one, with 64MB of RAM and a Nvidia Riva TNT.
Oops sorry about that. My time machine messed up and I went back to 1999 by accident!
looks like a good rig. do you need USB 3 though?
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