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How to burn .m2v file

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I want to know how to burn .m2v file because my nero won't recognize it. I use avi2dvd to make it as one of the person on this website told me.
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.m2v, is pretty much an svcd

this is just a little confusing, but read it properly and it makes sence.

  • DVDAuthorgui is a basic win32 frontend for the DVDAuthor project. It can be downloaded here.
  • A nice guide can be found here.
  • Start DVDAuthorgui:
    • Set the DVD format on PAL or NTSC.
    • Press "add title" and add your video stream (m2v) and audio stream (AC3 or mp2).
    • Under the file tab select "create iso after authoring".
    • Press "author dvd".
    • Enter a folder name in which the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders will be created.
    • The iso file will be created outside the named folder.
  • Preview with Daemon tools: select mount image -> open the iso file.
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