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How to Calculate Pixel Fillrate?

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Hi all!

I was wondering; does anybody know a formula to calculate pixel fill rate for my X800Pro, or any graphics card for that matter?

I used to use PCWizard06 to determine my pixel fill rate before and after overclocking my old 9800Pro, but since I've upgraded to an X800Pro, PCWizard doesn't show my fill rate anymore...

I know that the stock fillrate of the X800Pro (AGP/12 pipes) is 5.7 Gpixels/sec, but I want to know what the fill rate is when I overclock the core and memory speeds, hence the request for a formula.

I have tried Googling for it, but with no luck...

Help would be appreciated and (of course) REPs forthcoming.


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You know the screen at the end of the Aquamark3 test (Where it shows yoru score). I think it says the fillrate there, in the upper right corner.
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