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I plan to purchase a UPS for my future upgrade and have a few questions.

Do I need a UPS with at least as much wattage as my PSU is rated at? (Example I will be using a 600W rated quality PSU, do I need at least a 600W rated UPS?).

Do I need a UPS with at least as much wattage as what I will be using from the PSU? (Example I will be drawing 400W while gaming on a 600W rated quality PSU, Is a 400W UPS enough to power the computer?).

I don't care about the amount of time I will have to work when there's a power break, I only want to know which UPS I need regarding the PSU I will be using, or which UPS is safe to use. 1 or 2 minutes is enough for me.

What is the VA rating for?

Where I live there are 2 companies that make UPS's, and I am not sure they make them in the wattage I need (not sure they make a 1000W+ UPS for example, in case I will be using a 1000W PSU) and I am not sure a UPS from outside will work here. Any idea?

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1.) Your PSU wattage does not determine your UPS wattage. To make a long story short, you PSU divides the voltage over various rails which makes really in-efficient. A over-volted/over-clocked SLi system draw about 450 watts while gaming, and 120 watts ide. A non SLi system draws about 350 watts gaming and 110 watts idle.

I would recommend a 400 watt (or bigger) UPS for a non SLi system, and a 500 watt (or bigger) ups for a SLi system.

2.) VA rating = volt amps. It is the active power (the real power) measured in watts. Better VA equall a better current capacity. "The VA rating of the unit is similar to the circuit breakers in your home that protect you from overloads".

Wikipedia explains it better --> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volt-ampere

and here -->http://www.refurbups.com/Understanding-What-Volt-Amp-VA-Rating-Means

Also look what i found http://www.csgnetwork.com/upssizecalc.html
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