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How to clean a Rad

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I picked a DD GTX triple Rad from a friend for $20 today. He said he was selling it because he had really high temps. Now that i see it, I know why! There is dust clogging EVERY little nook and cranny of the Radiator. I tried compressed air but it didn't do much. Is there any other safe way to clean it?
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Soak it in hot soapy water than blow it out is one way. Repeat as necessary.
Another is a chemical method which I'd rather not discuss at theis time.
did you try an air compressor with an air nozzle ?worked for me and mine was caked with dust and cat hair
I use water, sometimes water/soap, but I mostly use compressed air with a nozzle from my compressor, works every time.
If none of those work, go buy some pipe cleaners.
I soaked mine in the sink with just hot water and dish detergent, then took it out side, and blasted out all the gunk with the hose, could also work with the sprayer on the sink.
Hey thanks guys I'm gonna try out the air compressor tommorow!
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