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How to connect my computer to a TV?

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I have one of those box Tv's, CRT i think its called. How would I connect my computer. My room is the opposite room from the living room so I would need to cable around +/- 7m to get to the TV, so i hope there wouldn't be any transmission or signal loss problems. I think I got a 8600GT, i'm not sure if thats powerful enough but i'll mostly be watching on AVI and DVD format. The rest that matters is 2G generic RAM and a E4500 CPU. Would there be any quality issues at the TV is like 30 inches across?
So the main thing is what cable set up do I need?

Thanks for any help.
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you could use your tv as a second display. unless its a HDTV you wont be able to read any of the text on it. It will work fine for media. your 8600GT should be powerful enough for that.

I have my computer hooked to my tv via S-video.
What kind of connections are there on the TV? Gotta give some more info. I'd assume there would be s-video or VGA. If so you can just get an s-video cable or VGA cable that should be pretty cheap for the length you need.
Is it an HDTV?

If not it will be hard to use as a PC screen.

But any S-video should do. If the tv has HDMI you can get a DVI>HDMI converter.
Depending on exact length, if you need a s-vid cable.. I might have one for you!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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