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How to create a copy of your xp cd

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My Xp MCE disc is starting to get pretty scratched, so I want to make a copy of it so I can install it on my new system. How do I make a copy of them just insert it into cd burner and make a copy in nero? Or do I need to copy the contents of the dics to my drive and create an ISO disc from the files? Please I need help with this as my parts are arriving tomorrow and I'd like to be able to set them up tomorrow!
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Clone cd is a good utility it creates an image and then burns it but burn it slowly..I will try and find a link... www.brothersoft.com/clone-cd.html
you could also use a program like the teril version of alcohol 120% and rip it as an .ISO Then use a burner like SilentNight (IMO the best burning program on the planet) to make a Bootable ISO cd. And ur good to go.

I reccommend Silent night becasue it is streightfrward, streamlined, and is small enuogh to fit on a floppy disk, and requires no istallation. I just have a bookmark on my browser and re-download the program avery time i need to byrn an ISO.
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