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How to edit CCC to bypass the overclocking limits?

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I want to try CCC instead of MSI Afterburner to push my clocks past 950MHz and I say some people with their CCCs unlocked to frequencies higher than 950MHz. How do you go about doing this? (Registry hacks, etc.?)
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Fourth post from the top. Enjoy. My overclocks are with that method.
1) Backup the registry.
2) Copy the one shown in post to notepad.
3) Ensure AMD Overdrive is checked on.
4) Merge registry.
5) Reboot. And voila - you are done.

No voltage control though. But you can get to 920/1400 on stock. If you want to apply voltage, you will have to mod your BIOS using RBE.
Read this thread carefully. Post 39 includes a tool that does the CCC hack,the latest version #11 that will make a custom CCC high limit reg hack and install it.
I did mine at 1000/1500.

I've been looking for a hack like this for CCC. I have to try this when I get the chance.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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