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Its a nice way to have your stats linked in your signature.
Of course you can't display the image in your sig, but the link itself is possible. (see my signature)

Or you can use it to brag to other Crunchers for example our Trash Talking thread.

1. Go to http://www.allprojectstats.com/signature.php

2. Choose user & continue

3. Choose BOINC for all projects combined or choose a specific project from the drop down list.
Then enter the desired name.

4. Now to customize it.

Project - Select BOINC for combined stats or Choose a project.
Theme - Will change the background
Type - Summary shows minor details, Show projects will list all projects your working on.
Font A small selection of fonts
Columns - Displays different stats
Projects show - Will display the top projects according to the number
Code Format - Different ways of sharing your link

Few examples:

Dark (currently using)

Space 5


More sites that offer signatures:
Mundayweb Stats Counters
Boinc Synergy Stats Counters

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Originally Posted by DarkRyder View Post
then why post a way to use it when we cant ?

Some people use more than one forum.
You can post the picture to brag. (you have the right with all your points)

Adding it to your signature as a link like you & I have it.
Maybe placing it on a website.
Adding the link to your phone for a quick update.

Thats why
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