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How to get ATI HD 5770 fully working in Ubuntu 9.10?

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The drivers I downloaded from the Restricted Hardware Driver Manager (or whatever it's called) don't seem to be working very well, and also it says Unsupported Hardware in the lower right corner.

Compiz seems to be working more or less, but you do notice some slowdowns, which I think they are caused by the driver not being compatible with my GPU or something like that.

If I have to manually download and install the ATI drivers from their website, at least try and guide me through the process because I'm not exactly a Linux expert.
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Check my sig. The latest (9.11) should work with the card.
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Thanks, it seems good enough. I'll try it whenever I can...
I'm not sure what version the restricted driver manager installs, but the 5770 requires at least 9.11.

If it's a .deb file you should be able to just double click and gdebi should install it. If it's a .run file, open a terminal and use: sudo sh <name of driver file>.run

Getting it installed on Ubuntu is relatively easy... Arch on the other hand, I still can't seem to get Unigine Tropics running.
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Arch is using xserver1.7, which fglrx does not support yet. If you want 3D with the card you need to use the open source drivers, but unfortunately they don't yet support HD5xxx chips. I still haven't gotten an answer as to when is the ETA on said support for radeon/radeonhd, but they are working on it. Fglrx should start supporting the new kernels and xservers by the 9.13 release (if not sooner).
Thanks for the info, good to know. For now I rolled back every xf86-input-*, xf86-video-*, and xorg-xserver to versions pre October 09 and did finally get catalyst 9.11.3 installed from the AUR. Just so much more of a pain in the butt than the Ubuntu persistant USB I've created.

The bad/good news is that both Arch and Ubuntu fail to run the Unigine Tropics demo for me. At least I can partially rule out it just being the AUR catalyst drivers.

Both end up with:

Unigine fatal error
Engine::init(): clear video settings for "ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series 1.4 (2.1.9116)"
GLRender::GLRender(): Unknown ATI GPU
GLRender::require_extension(): required extension GL_ARB_map_buffer_range is not supported
Anyways, back on topic!

The installer from AMD/ATI is indeed a .run script. So sh ati-driver-installer-9-11-x86.x86_64.run (for 64-bit) and then follow the on screen instructions. Super easy install really.
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