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How to get Opt_Fan Temp reading

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I've played with putting my cpu fans into Cha_fan headers and Opt_fan headers.

What I do like about the Cha_fan headers is that when the cpu loads the fans will speed up, but what I don't like is how they will go back and forth even when I'm hardly doing anything.

I put the fans into the Opt_fan headers and they sit at 1300rpm which is good. In the bios I set User mode low @ 25c and high @ 70c, but no matter how hot my cpu gets the fans never speed up. Next to one of the Opt_fan headers there is a Opt_temp header that's 2 pin and I can only assume I need to use that to make the fans work as I want them to. I don't have any cords that have a 3 pin and a 2 pin on them so that I can use the temp headers.

Can someone link what I need please?
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You need to get a temperature sensor and plug it in. Don't really know where to get one, though.
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