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How to install fan controller sensors?

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Hey guys, sorry if this is a total noob question, but where do you install fan controller temp sensors? I just got an AeroCool Touch 2000 and the directions don't really show much. There is one small picture of one sensor being adhered to the side of the cpu cooler fan so the top of the sensor kindo of sits over the fan. Is this correct? The fans I will be controlling will be the rear fan for the H50 radiator, the top and front case fan and 2 side window fans. Would I just stick the sensors over the top of each location? It just doesn't seem like this would tell me much about the temp of my system.
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Generally the sensors are applied to:
  • The base of the HSF (as close to the contact point of the IHS as possible)
  • At the very corner of the IHS (touching, but not interfering with pressure)
  • Near the spindle of the HDD
  • On the interior of the case (toward the top)
  • To the NB heatsink (much in the manner of the CPU)
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Hope this helps, with my AC350 from Koolance (CPU waterblock) there was a picture of just where along the side of the block they wanted you to tape the sensor strip, so all I have done was confirm what you know in regards to the cpu sensor.
Ok cool I think I have the idea now. Thanks.
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