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Was looking for some interesting mods for the Z5500's when i found this post

The 4 i posted below will definitely work for the Z-5500's but i don't think they will work on the Z-680's.

Just yesterday i found out about the neat little "2nd skin" trick with the Z-5500 Control Center. What you do is make sure the Control Center is in standby mode (i.e the red light is on) and then hold down the input, effect, settings and mute buttons (i.e all except for level ) on the control panel for 6 seconds .

1) This will enable the 'second skin' feature. Instead of the red standby LED, you will have a purple one :-D And the volume bar will also look different but it will take most 'bars' to reach the same volume as the traditional skin.

2) There's also the "Volume Boost" feature. It's not really a trick as it's stated in the manual but some people don't read the manual. When listening to any input, if you keep upping the volume up past the maximum, after a while, it will enter "boost mode" and you can get up to an extra 11dB of volume.

These two are ripped/stolen from somewhere :p But i'm sure it will help us all!

3) "Volume Offsets". When listening to any of the "Analog Inputs" (Direct,Direct1,Direct2,Direct3), * you can set a "volume offset" by pressing mute while you turn the volume knob. It will always remember to kick your volume up by this many dB when you switch to this input. Why would you want this? Most audio systems have different output levels. Ever notice how you need to adjust the volume when you switch from one input to another? With this, you can "preset" these inputs a little hotter, so when you're flipping back and forth, the volumes match.

4) "Diagnostic Mode". When the unit is off, if you press and hold the Input and Effect buttons simultaneously for six seconds, you will put the unit in "Diagnostic Mode". In this mode, whenever a digital stream is detected, it will display information about that stream for five seconds, just like a receiver does. Might as well always leave it in this mode. It doesn't hurt anything, and the information is fun to have.
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