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How to make my computer open/close a program at a specified time?

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Hey guys, I'm sharing an internet connection with three other guys in my dormitory and they often torrent into the afternoon even though I told them to only torrent between midnight and 8 in the morning. This is because they sleep, like any other normal person. That being said, I want to make a program that will open and close their torrenting program or cut and open the connection to the program so that at 8 in the morning their clients will all shut off.

Tl;dr, I want to find/write a program that will open/close utorrent at inputted times.

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Yes! Windows actually has something already built in for just these types of situations.

Take a look at "Task Scheduler", should do exactly what you need
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....And I thought I knew how to use Windows! PFFFTTTTT. Thank you so much. Is there a similar thing for Mac? One of the guys uses one... For shame.
Why don't you just set up µTorrent to only run between midnight and 8 am? This is right in its settings.
Use crontab for the mac
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