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How to: Mount/add extra fans

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Running out of places to plug in fans? Don't know how to splice? Well you've come to the right place. Here I will teach you how to splice two or more fans together to run off one PSU. Before I start, I'd just like to write a thank you to Paradox for all his help he's given me in this site, and also a big thanks for this whole forum for helping people!

Wire cutter
Attachment 36505

Philips #1 OR plastic ties.

Electrical tape

A computer (durr!)
A 12v fan (Or whatever you want to put in there.)
Another 12v fan.

Okay, you have all your fans, your tools, and you're set to go. Clean off the side of a bed, top of a desk, or whatever you want for a work area.

Step ONE
Get your attachable fan, and cut the wire 4 inches above the actual fan.

Next, get your second fan from your computer. Cut it about 4 inches above the fan as well.

Step TWO
Strip about 1-1.5cm of cover off with your wire cutter. Make it show just a bit of metal. Do the same with your other fan.

Connect the two fans with the open ended wires: COLOR COATED.
Eg. Red goes with the red wire. Black goes with the black wire.

Twist it so they stay together, now put the electrical tape around it making sure it is nice and snug.

Congratulations, you've officially spliced a wire together. But we're not done yet.

Now you must mount your fan into your case, for most people they know how to do this, if not.. Using plastic ties or screws, find a place to put your fan. Keep in mind you want the air to all be flowing one way, example.

If you had 4 fans, you want it all to be going one way. Cycle.

Your good to go! If you have any questions or concerns about this guide, feel free to PM me or ask me anything.
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nice to see you put this to good use!
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hmm, remeber not to hook to much into one Molex though

Originally Posted by smallia16
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i would say near perfect

But one more think I personally would add that mabye everyone can't do. Solder the spliced wires, just for good measures and to make sure they don't come loose. Otherwise good job, I think I might actually do this for some of my fans.

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