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Yes, this is a how to, I hope you guys like it, and please rep. I had several IDE cables that came with my motherboard, and I was extremely board. So here it is, the way I show, its sleeved and heat shrunk, but if you really wanted to, you could heat shrink the whole thing.

PLEASE Comment, and if you like please rep.

Pictures and explanation:

So here we have a IDE cable

Take a razor blade or modeling knife, and make a tiny slit in between each wire, one at a time, and basically put it away slowly and carefully, like this:

You may be thinking, no way, this is going to be messy...

Yep... it... is...

Pull it tight, and get out any tangles:

The grab it like this:

And zip tie it about 7-9 inches apart from each other;

I don't know what size sleeving this is, maybe 1/4 or 3/8:

Measure, cut and melt the fray with a lighter, please melt the end a little, or you will end up with a mess!

Then twist and bend the end of the cable like this,

And slide your sleeving on:

Next, I will use two different measurements of heat shrink that I got with my PC wire sleeving kit,


And this:

Cut to these lengths:

For the smaller heat shrink, cut 1 inch eat, and for the larger about 1 and a 1/2 inches.

Do the same thing:

Slide all the heat shrink on:

Heres how it will sorta look:

Reason I did this, I was sorta board, and I was looking at the round IDE cable I got, I didn't really like it because I will almost never have a IDE slave at all even maybe have a IDE device, so I wanted to make nice clean looking one, that isn't a slave.

Nasty slave, compared to my slave less:

Cable end comparison:

See the difference, my home made one looks nicer, cleaner, cheaper!!!

Round IDE cables can cost a lot, 8$ local, maybe. 15$ Shipped and + online.

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nice guide

i've done this before, but never got 'round to sleeving lol, i just left it at zip ties

oh, and a piece of advice
cut every 3-4 strands instead of every one, it turns out better

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Nice! Repo Man did a similar guide a while back I swear.. But no sleeving was involved!

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Thanks, sorry for asking for rep. I am sorry.

I am glad you guys like it, I am going to be heating the shrink up soon. Thanks for the comments.

Mine looks better then any round IDE I have seen.

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Originally Posted by RonindeBeatrice View Post
Note: This is a 40-wire cable. 80-pin cable is required for ATA-100/133; this isn't so much of a problem as optical drives won't really exceed 66MB/s anyway.

It's only noteworthy because it's a hell of a lot harder to separate the wires on an 80-pin cable because they're a lot more fragile.
I was thinking of doing this for the cable that connects m Audigy 2 front panel to the card. Will this work?
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