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How to output clock speed/temperatures/fan speed to a text?

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Hi guys, I am looking for a software solution that will allow me to constantly dump my current CPU clock speed, fan RPMs, and sensor temperatures to a log file/text that I could then reference in a separate monitoring software that I am using and plot as a chart.

I've already got all the meat of this undertaking figured out--the monitoring software I am using will allow me to tail the last line of this log file(s) at regular 1 minute intervals, and will allow me to specify a regex to capture the values I am interested in, and will plot the data accordingly.

The only thing I am stuck on is how exactly to generate these logs. What software should I use?

I think I might have the temperature figured out with CoreTemp/RealTemp's logging capabilities..but what I would really want to see is clock speed & fan information.

Any ideas?

- d3d
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I think HwInfo will do exactly what you're looking for. You would use it in the "sensor only" mode. You can configure the logging interval, and what items you want to monitor. On most computers, it returns a wide range of information. It logs live to a CSV file (shared access).
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