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well your going to have to go into the motherboard bios and up the fsb to reach the desired clock speed however its not that simple there are alot of factors that come into play

I would recommend reading through the overclocking guides on this forum and then post again with some more specific questions. Im not trying to be rude you just have a very general post and may not get the answers your hoping for

In the search for this site just type in "intel overclocking guide" and take your pick there are several different guides to chose from.

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just go into the bios.
unlink ram, (dram frequency) so it stays at stock speeds and does not interfere with the overclock
then raise the cpu fsb (front side bus) by about 20mhz
then boot into windows and stress test your pc with prime95 or intel burn test.
keep an eye on your temps.
then if everything is ok after 20-30mins

go back into bios and raise your fsb by another 20mhz, and stress test again.
then repeat above (it might say bclk frequency)
just keep doing this until your pc wont start,
then just raise your vcore (cpu voltage or vcore) a couple of levels

some settings here

also this is a repeat thread
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