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how to patch world at war for steam users

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If you brought the Steam version of [email protected] then you'd of been disappointed to find out that Steam does not yet have a patch for us (while retail users are happily playing on the latest patch). I was browsing through the Steam forums and found this post by kiLLa_187* and decided to try it out. It worked!

Try this at your own risk!!!

It worked for me, a few 'text replacement' issues but nothing the autoupdate wont fix.

Start > Run
[Enter Key]

On the tree on the left go to
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREActivisionCall of Duty World at War

change "Digital Distribution"
to "Not Digital Distribution"

Install a 1.3 Patch

change the "Not Digital Distribution" back to "Digital Distribution"

And play!!

edit: forgot to mention that singleplayer would not work if u apply this.
Happy fragging

Oh and for singleplayer, download a crack (because it asks you for a cd). shouldn't be illegal cause you already brought the game
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