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So, you have a rig setup, and you want to show it, but Newegg makes it harder to share rigs through a URL.

Never fear!

Method One

First, Save your newegg wish list. After that, click on it.

Look at the url:

You will notice that it has a number at the end, after "ID="


The wish list should not appear. This is a URL you can only view if logged in.

Now, go to a Public Wish List

Click on any random wish list, it doesn't matter.

I chose the top one.


it is the same thing: numbers at the end. Since the name is "ID", we can assume that is the identification number. Lets replace:


With this:



Method 2


Originally Posted by exnihilo
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If I may, what I do is click the "Email this list" link on the right side near the top. I enter my own address twice and once the email arrives, I copy and paste the provided link into my post. Voila!


Basically, email yourself a list and use the URL

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Lol, thanks! I was going to post this earlier, but it only fit in the locked FAQ section, and I figured that the Intel or AMD build logs are where people are most likely to post screenshots or bad links to newegg.
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