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How to Remote Control BOINC clients
Must have BOINC Manager installed.

Useful for those that have multiple PCs crunching in the same network.

Setting Up
Close all clients before doing these steps.

1. Open Notepad in the remote computer.

2. Type a password you will use to access your other PCs.
Only 1 line. (do not press enter after you type it)
Contain at least 6 numbers and/or letters.

3. Save as gui_rpc_auth.cfg to BoincData folder (see below)

Default directories for BoincData
Windows 98/SE/ME: C:\\Windows\\All Users\\BOINC\\ or C:\\Windows\\Profiles\\All Users\\BOINC\\
Windows 2000/XP: C:\\Documents and Settings\\All Users\\Application Data\\BOINC\\
Windows Vista/Windows 7: C:\\ProgramData\\BOINC\\
Linux: wherever you unpack it/BOINC/
Macintosh OS X: /Library/Applications Support/BOINC/

4. Again open Notepad in the remote computer.

5.Type in the name of your network PC your going to use for remote control.
The IP should work as well.

For example "Chris-PC" or ""
One line per PC you want to give access to.

6. Save as remote_hosts.cfg to BoincData folder (see above)

How to remote control BOINC manager

1. Open BOINC Manager on all PCs like normal.

2. On primary PC go to BOINC Manager - Advanced - Select Computer

3. Enter the following information
Host Name : Name of network PC or IP Address (example Chris-PC or
Password : Password you saved in the gui_rpc_auth.cfg file.

4. Now you can control it.

If you want to go back to the primary PC use.
Host Name - localhost
Password - will be filled in automatically unless changed with a gui_rpc_autf.cfg file.

You may run 2 BOINC Managers at one time to monitor/control both instead of switching back and forth.


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I have an iPhone, so not sure how much Logmein costs on the droid market but if you can get it for your phone its great for controlling your PC on your phone.
Its free if you just hop on your web browser at work.

If I find a different solution I shall let you know.

Found the droid version

No idea on price.

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Originally Posted by Phobos223 View Post
Yea I know I can RDP but a dedicated BONIC app would be sweet

Yea I looked, no luck.
Didn't expect to find anything to be honest, with the big community that [email protected] has, they don't even have one yet.

Logmein will be the best thing for now.
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