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how to run Sims 2 in Standerd User Account

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ok so my sisters pc has parental controls in vista set so she isnt on the pc past 10pm, all programs work fine, just need to figure out how to run it in standard user [is possible]
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my sister has her own computer, it was my older Dell Dimension 9150, but my mum requested to put parental control's on it so she cant stay up til 10-11pm on the pc each school night, but i have to enter the admin pass when she wants to play the sims2, but u can run games in standard user, just don't know how

she isnt a girl gamer, just sims2 stuff, and msn, itunes etc
so why don't you use the admin pass and remove the parental controls?

that'd go against your parent's wishes though
yep, but EA says u can run Sims2 in Standard accounts
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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