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How to set up [email protected] as a service?

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I just searched for a "How To" guide for setting up [email protected] as a service and didn't see anything (I searched for "service" and came up with all sorts of random discussions).

I'm planning on folding with my Windows Home Server box and have read that running [email protected] as a service is the way to do it on that OS. But I'm not sure how to do that.

Can someone point me to a guide?

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the client will install itself as a service, its in the advanced options
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If it doesn't you can add a shortcut to the programs exe which will automatcally start it when the machine is started.
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Thanks for the help everyone!

Can I have the service run as any username? It doesn't have to be the admin account, right? Do I need to give the user LogOnAsService permissions?
has to use the same username as setup with MPICH install.bat file I would assume...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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