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How to setup a FTP server

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Hi guys.

this is a small guid on hot to setup a filezilla FTP server

befor we start do we know what an ftp server is?
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol used to copy a file from one host to another over a TCP/IP-based network - you can get your stuff from one pc to another pc in any part of the world

there are a few thing you would need and like to have and as i go one i will update things.

1:filezilla client

2: filezilla server

3: a no-ip acc

4: a computer to install this all on too

5: phone app - android - andftp this app i have tested via external ip and local ip and it both works brilliantly.


i have not tested this on my windows phone and TBH i am too lazy to do it, i do nto have an iphone so i can nto comment there.


step 1:
download the filezilla server software and install it as a service and pretty much click next next next and then finish till it has installed itself completely.

you will need to logon to there server so use the details as follows

server address is:


creat your own password that you want to use.

then you can do the tick box of always connect to this server if you want..... i did as it is the only one i got running

step 2:
click on EDIT then on Users.

step 3:
now click on the button ADD and add a user and name it what ever you want too, i have called it TEST for this thread.

step 4:
click on shared folders.
click on add and then add the folder or file you want to put on the FTP server

if you are going to add more than one file or folder or HDD you will ahve to set up aliases. - i will show how a little later

once you ahve done your file or what ever set it up as home by highliting it and then pressing the set as home dir key

now sety up all the permissions you want for this account and folder.

once you have set it all up the way you want it click ok and it is running there.

step 5:
click on EDIT then on SETTINGS.
now you are at the settings section of the program (not the user accounts anymore).

For some reason i was getting a problem on the default port and not all ISP support you on port 21 so i changed mine to 69, now saying this change it to a port of your choice not to high and not to low i used 69 as i know there is nto an application that uses it so it was a safe choice for me.

step 6:
now go down to pasice mode settings click the tick box and use something like 5500 - 5600 as this will most probably be installed on a windows platform microsoft like to run ftp servers in passive mode for some reason.

the rest of the setting i will let you decide on what you want to do eg: the auto ban etc... i did set mine up as i know all my info is only for a few pc's and so i want maximum safty as possible so set it up with little attempts and ban for the maximum hours possible.

once you have doen all of that click on the ok button. you are now up and running on the server side of things. now we still need to setup on the router, client side and the no-ip side of things

create user

create shared folder and making it the home directory


log into the router and go down to the port forwarding section i am not sure if this is right but doing all this i have gotten the thing working... you might want to play around with the following to make sure you have not added anything for no reason

the ports you want to forward is:

no- ip - port 8080 protocol tcp

filezilla1 - port 14147 protocol tcp (admin port)

filezilla2 - port 69 protocol tcp ( main port for the program/server to work)

filezilla3 - port 21 protocol tcp (std port - did it just incase i needed it - will test later)

filezilla4 - port 5500 to 5600 tcp&udp (this is for the passive mode)

filezilla5 - port 20 protocol tcp (some other ftps like to use tis port as well so i added it anyway - will test it later to see if i need it)

note: this needs to be forwarded to the computers ip address you will be using.


as all routers are diffrent i am nto going to post up how to set it up and leave it up to you BUT, these are all the port that are needed to make the whole thing work

ip forwarding from router



you will need to create an accout with no-ip

once you have created an acc, you will need to create a host so, click on Hosts/Redirects

click on the add host button

and create your host name

there are a few options that you can have it setup as once you have your host name chose the domain name you want to use.

NOTE: some of them are free and some of them you will ahve to pay for it is clear to what is what as it is 2 diffrent sections labled clearly.

once you have done that, the host type you want it as , DNS HOST (A)

now click on update host

this part is pretty much done now.

no-ip acc setup and dns setting


now we will have to get the program to make it all work

you can download it here

once you have downloaded it, install it.

you will have to log into it with the details you created.

once you have logged into it click onto the EDIT button and select the hosts you have chosen and then click save.

now it is up and running and we are almost there with the whole thing - i am not going to add pictures as the instructions are pretty complete and there is also a lot of support on there website and i do nto want to give me details away for this.


step 1:
download client here

step 2:
install the client and it is your dessision if you just want it for you or every user on the pc.

step 3:
log into it with the details you have created when you set it all up.

now you are done

here is a you tube video from tech tips which is very usefull


If you have any questions please ask and i will answer them to my best.

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nice simple guide so far, good job and +rep
adding some images and bit better latout would be nice, also maybe at the top a smal paragraph on what filezilla is, maybe someting like how FTP is basically dead and SFTP should be used which filezilla supports actually

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Originally Posted by stubass View Post

nice simple guide so far, good job and +rep
adding some images and bit better latout would be nice, also maybe at the top a smal paragraph on what filezilla is, maybe someting like how FTP is basically dead and SFTP should be used which filezilla supports actually
cheers dude.

i submited as i did nto want to loose it all.

pictures are on the way

and also thatnx for the advice... i will throw in a small description on what a ftp is



i am actualy struggling to make the layout nice and simple.

any advice??
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