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Hi everyone, so as the thread title is on latest versions of windows when you have drivers set to auto-install, razer synapse installer will pop up just about any time you plug in an HID device whether it's a mouse or keyboard via usb. Now for some of us we don't want the software so you think just cancel the install, right?

Well. Even if you cancel the install so long as you plug in another razer device (such as recharging your mouse) the installer will keep trying to auto-run which can get annoying. Me personally I have synapse installed on a separate laptop, I configure there and move my profile to on-board memory and then use the mouse that way.

Anyway the removal of the installer is fairly quick

1) Press Start (bottom left)
2) Begin typing 'regedit' and click on Registry Editor
3) You may get a warning popup, click yes to open the registry editor
4) Click File-> Export, and save your registry config to wherever you'd like as a backup in case you make a mistake (you'd use import to restore the old config) this is for safety
5) Go to 'Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Tracing'
6) Once inside the tracing key, you should see two entries for 'RazerInstaller' right click the entire entries and delete them and all subkeys
7) Close registry editor and now go to windows 'File Explorer' (The manilla folder)
8) Open up your C:\ drive in its main directory and use the search bar in the top right, search for 'Razer'
9) Delete ALL entries related to Razer besides RazerS3Coinstaller.dll - I'm not sure what this does so best keep the file intact, you'll want to be deleting entries like Program Files\Razer and etc
10) Reboot your machine, and now when plugging in a razer device it should never ask you to auto install synapse again.

Hope this helps you!
Message for Razer(love your products, don't love synapse, don't love forced auto-installers. Synapse is way too heavy of an application for simple configuration of a mouse. I understand it has way more uses than that but a 'lite' version of synapse just for really simple configuration as a .exe and no other footprints would be incredible. Some users just want to adjust LED, adjust DPI/LOD, and save profile to mouse and never bother again)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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