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How to turn off linux stuck on command line?

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shutdown now

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Other than losing data, why wouldn't you push the power button?
I mean, you're obviously a smart guy on a tech forum, seems like common sense?
Legitimately confused.

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My mistake, I thought that command prompts in Linux were command lines.

So to get access to the command line next time I just press the down arrow key?
Ctrl+Alt with function keys F3 to F6 to access TTY. You can have 4 different sessions opened which you can switch between with F3-F6.

Ctrl+Alt with function key F1/F2 will bring you back to the GUI this case boot screen.

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I was installing Qubes and Qubes was installing the VM for Fedora.

Granted, the simple error above has been solved.

It was resulting from my bad habit of using words that are protected as usernames.

In this case it contained the word user.

Error codes (for others):
g_str_has_prefix: assertion 'prefix !=null'

The property '/general/double_click_distance' of type int is not supported.

Another compositing manager is running on screen 0.

Failed to connect to session manager.

Problem and fix:
The g_str_has_prefix function expects a string but receives a null object since it cannot set the user or password to a reserved word.

Change the password or username to a non-reserved word.

I realise failed to connect to session manager is a generic error message.
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