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This is a tutorial on how to update the Intel microcode over the native one on each windows 7 x64 boot up.<br>
On major Linux distros, this is a normal thing to load on boot. No need for bios updates or when/if Microsoft release a patch.<br><br>
Applies to skylake/kabylake cpus and many others, whether Your motherboard manufacturer/Microsoft chooses to support it or not with an update.<br>
I don't know if it also works in Windows7 32bit or Windows10, but it should on Windows8 .<br><br>
You will need the following:<br>
----<a class="bbcode_url" href="https://labs.vmware.com/flings/vmware-cpu-microcode-update-driver" target="_blank">cpumcupdate2.1.zip from https://labs.vmware.com</a><br>
----<a class="bbcode_url" href="https://downloadcenter.intel.com/search?keyword=microcode+latest" target="_blank">Linux* Processor Microcode Data File</a>,In the column "Version" Lookout for "YYYYMMDD Latest", not "YYYMMDD Previously Released".<br>
----<a class="bbcode_url" href="http://www.7-zip.org/download.html" target="_blank">7zip</a> or <a class="bbcode_url" href="http://www.rarlab.com/otherfmt.htm" target="_blank">winrar</a> to extract .tgz and .tar files (I'm using 7zip exclusively as it has been very stable for me since 2015)<br>
----Optional: <a class="bbcode_url" href="https://www.hwinfo.com/download.php" target="_blank">HWiNFO64 portable</a>, to check the rurrent running microcode.<br><br>
-Install 7zip , tick yes to intall windows explorer integration<-- don't remember the exact term... I believe it is<br>
"Integrate 7-Zip to shell context menu" see ~note 1.<br><br>
-Extract cpumcupdate2.1.zip to a folder, here I use folder named: cpumcupdate2.1<br><br>
-Right click on microcode-YYYYMMDD.tgz, 7-Zip, Open Archive, double click on microcode-YYYYMMDD.tar, extract microcode.dat to your<br>
cpumcupdate2.1 folder.<br><br>
Extract Run HWiNFO64 in full or Summary-only mode,<br>
In the system summary window, CPU box, μCU box, you should see the current running microcode at the present time in the system.<br>
(any modification will not show up, rerun HWiNFO64 to see the results.) For my skylake the latest (as of 2017-06-30) should be BA.<br>
Before:<a class="H-lightbox-open" href="http://www.overclock.net/content/type/61/id/3069299/"><img alt="" class="lightbox-enabled" data-id="3069299" data-type="61" src="http://www.overclock.net/content/type/61/id/3069299/width/350/height/700/flags/LL" style="; width: 339px; height: 218px"></a><br><br>
-Here we are going to remove the need to check and force installing amd's microcodes.<br>
-Right click on install.bat, properties, Untick Read-only, click ok.<br>
-Right click on install.bat, Edit (see ~note 2)<br><br>
-On line 27,<br>
<div class="bbcode_code">
<div class="bbcode_code_head">Code:</div>
<code>for %%i IN (microcode.dat microcode_amd.bin microcode_amd_fam15h.bin) DO (
if NOT exist "%~dp0%%i" (
echo File %%i was not found. It needs to be downloaded separately from this tool.
exit /B 1
<div class="bbcode_code">
<div class="bbcode_code_head">Code:</div>
<code>for %%i IN (microcode.dat microcode_amd.bin microcode_amd_fam15h.bin) DO (</code>
<div class="bbcode_code">
<div class="bbcode_code_head">Code:</div>
<code>for %%i IN (microcode.dat) DO (</code>
-OR DELETE that block of the script<br><br>
-Save and overwrite the install.bat file.<br><br>
-Right click install.bat, run as administrator. The install should complain about the lack of the two amd's<br>
microcodes, click cancel, click yes on "do you want to continue Setup without copying this file?" , do the same for the other file.<br><br>
-Close then run HWiNFO64 again and you should see that the current running microcode has been updated to the latest microcode.dat file you installed.<br><a class="H-lightbox-open" href="http://www.overclock.net/content/type/61/id/3069305/"><img alt="" class="lightbox-enabled" data-id="3069305" data-type="61" src="http://www.overclock.net/content/type/61/id/3069305/width/350/height/700/flags/LL" style="; width: 341px; height: 220px"></a><br><br>
The cpumcupdate driver will load it on each boot for now on. Do a full reboot, then rerun HWiNFO64 to check.<br><br>
-If Intel releases a new microcode,<br>
---Replace the microcode.dat in folder cpumcupdate2.1 ,<br>
---run as administrator uninstall.bat<br>
---run as administrator install.bat<br><br>
~note 1, you can add or remove the integration by<br>
- Start button, search for 7-zip, "7-Zip File Manager"<br>
- or All Programs, 7-zip, "7-Zip File Manager"<br>
- or C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7zFM.exe<br>
- or Any instance 7-Zip running when opening compressed files<br>
go to Tools, Options..., Z-Zip tab, Tick/UnTick your choices, click Apply, OK<br><br>
~note 2, Sometimes notepad and wordpad misread or miswrite the format in which the (system, scripts, other OS) files is set to, it can cause a mess. On windows, everyone should use a third party application for that, way safer. My favorite is <a class="bbcode_url" href="https://notepad-plus-plus.org/" target="_blank">notepadd++</a>.

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Can you tell me if ( and if so how ) it might be possible to do this not for an existing install, but to make this modification and insert it into an installer iso for windows 7 so that I can get win7 to load on my i7-7700k skylake cpu ?

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<div class="quote-container" data-huddler-embed="/t/1633419/how-to-update-intel-microcode-on-windows-7-x64-bootup-for-skylake-kabylake-and-others/0_20#post_26495603" data-huddler-embed-placeholder="false"><span>Quote:</span>
<div class="quote-block">Originally Posted by <strong>GalacticPrez</strong> <a href="/t/1633419/how-to-update-intel-microcode-on-windows-7-x64-bootup-for-skylake-kabylake-and-others/0_20#post_26495603"><img alt="View Post" class="inlineimg" src="/img/forum/go_quote.gif"></a><br><br>
Can you tell me if ( and if so how ) it might be possible to do this not for an existing install, but to make this modification and insert it into an installer iso for windows 7 so that I can get win7 to load on my i7-7700k skylake cpu ?</div>
It should be easy to install win-7 on skylake I have 7 pro on skylake x <img alt="smile.gif" class="bbcode_smiley" src="http://files.overclock.net/images/smilies/smile.gif"><br>
Of course fast and secure boot needs to be disabled<br>
Also OS Type needs to be as Other OS and CMS needs to be Enabled for legacy os to be installed asus is activated by default<br><br>
In my bios/ advanced/ USB I have a usb keyboard and mouse simulator function that will enable the mouse and keyboard to work during the normal 7 installer<br>
Once I got to my desktop I could install all the drivers from the x299 dvd<br><br>
Depending on which mother board you have<br>
ASUS makes it easy to create the media if you have a iso or win-7 dvd it will create a All versions 7 ISO out of it <img alt="smile.gif" class="bbcode_smiley" src="http://files.overclock.net/images/smilies/smile.gif"><br>
<a href="https://www.asus.com/us/support/FAQ/1015837/" target="_blank">https://www.asus.com/us/support/FAQ/1015837/</a><br><br>
There is also this way here but some of the comments are worth reading too<br>
<a href="https://www.sevenforums.com/installation-setup/397606-create-windows-7-usb-flash-installation-new-drives-new-mbs.html" target="_blank">https://www.sevenforums.com/installation-setup/397606-create-windows-7-usb-flash-installation-new-drives-new-mbs.html</a>
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