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This is a tutorial on how to update the Intel microcode over the native one on each windows 7 x64 boot up.
On major Linux distros, this is a normal thing to load on boot. No need for bios updates or when/if Microsoft release a patch.

Applies to skylake/kabylake cpus and many others, whether Your motherboard manufacturer/Microsoft chooses to support it or not with an update.
I don't know if it also works in Windows7 32bit or Windows10, but it should on Windows8 .

You will need the following:
----cpumcupdate2.1.zip from https://labs.vmware.com
----Linux* Processor Microcode Data File,In the column "Version" Lookout for "YYYYMMDD Latest", not "YYYMMDD Previously Released".
----7zip or winrar to extract .tgz and .tar files (I'm using 7zip exclusively as it has been very stable for me since 2015)
----Optional: HWiNFO64 portable, to check the rurrent running microcode.

-Install 7zip , tick yes to intall windows explorer integration<-- don't remember the exact term... I believe it is
"Integrate 7-Zip to shell context menu" see ~note 1.

-Extract cpumcupdate2.1.zip to a folder, here I use folder named: cpumcupdate2.1

-Right click on microcode-YYYYMMDD.tgz, 7-Zip, Open Archive, double click on microcode-YYYYMMDD.tar, extract microcode.dat to your
cpumcupdate2.1 folder.

Extract Run HWiNFO64 in full or Summary-only mode,
In the system summary window, CPU box, μCU box, you should see the current running microcode at the present time in the system.
(any modification will not show up, rerun HWiNFO64 to see the results.) For my skylake the latest (as of 2017-06-30) should be BA.

-Here we are going to remove the need to check and force installing amd's microcodes.
-Right click on install.bat, properties, Untick Read-only, click ok.
-Right click on install.bat, Edit (see ~note 2)

-On line 27,


for %%i IN (microcode.dat microcode_amd.bin microcode_amd_fam15h.bin) DO (
   if NOT exist "%~dp0%%i" (
      echo File %%i was not found.  It needs to be downloaded separately from this tool.
      exit /B 1


for %%i IN (microcode.dat microcode_amd.bin microcode_amd_fam15h.bin) DO (


for %%i IN (microcode.dat) DO (
-OR DELETE that block of the script

-Save and overwrite the install.bat file.

-Right click install.bat, run as administrator. The install should complain about the lack of the two amd's
microcodes, click cancel, click yes on "do you want to continue Setup without copying this file?" , do the same for the other file.

-Close then run HWiNFO64 again and you should see that the current running microcode has been updated to the latest microcode.dat file you installed.

The cpumcupdate driver will load it on each boot for now on. Do a full reboot, then rerun HWiNFO64 to check.

-If Intel releases a new microcode,
---Replace the microcode.dat in folder cpumcupdate2.1 ,
---run as administrator uninstall.bat
---run as administrator install.bat

~note 1, you can add or remove the integration by
- Start button, search for 7-zip, "7-Zip File Manager"
- or All Programs, 7-zip, "7-Zip File Manager"
- or C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7zFM.exe
- or Any instance 7-Zip running when opening compressed files
go to Tools, Options..., Z-Zip tab, Tick/UnTick your choices, click Apply, OK

~note 2, Sometimes notepad and wordpad misread or miswrite the format in which the (system, scripts, other OS) files is set to, it can cause a mess. On windows, everyone should use a third party application for that, way safer. My favorite is notepadd++.

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Can you tell me if ( and if so how ) it might be possible to do this not for an existing install, but to make this modification and insert it into an installer iso for windows 7 so that I can get win7 to load on my i7-7700k skylake cpu ?

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Originally Posted by GalacticPrez View Post

Can you tell me if ( and if so how ) it might be possible to do this not for an existing install, but to make this modification and insert it into an installer iso for windows 7 so that I can get win7 to load on my i7-7700k skylake cpu ?
It should be easy to install win-7 on skylake I have 7 pro on skylake x

Of course fast and secure boot needs to be disabled
Also OS Type needs to be as Other OS and CMS needs to be Enabled for legacy os to be installed asus is activated by default

In my bios/ advanced/ USB I have a usb keyboard and mouse simulator function that will enable the mouse and keyboard to work during the normal 7 installer
Once I got to my desktop I could install all the drivers from the x299 dvd

Depending on which mother board you have
ASUS makes it easy to create the media if you have a iso or win-7 dvd it will create a All versions 7 ISO out of it


There is also this way here but some of the comments are worth reading too
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