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How to view your warcraft 3 screenshots?

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I'm trying to make a picture with the warcraft 3 screenshot I took. Anyhow I can't even figure out how to view them, much less try to figure out how to open them with photoshop/paintshop pro. If you can atleast view them, I'll printscreen paste them into paintshop, anyone know how to view them?
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Originally Posted by m|dg3t
Paint can't open them, I've already been to the folder of screenshots and they're .tga's; but did manage to open them with paint shop pro.
A .tga file is a targa image file. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truevision_TGA

I'm surprised Photoshop wouldn't open it. Although targas aren't that common, those high-end image editing packages are usually able to open anything.
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