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Howdy! Need help picking new camera. Below $200 please!

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Greeting OCNers!

I has been an avid reader of OCN for pretty long time but now it is time for me to ask ya'll for your help. Here's the situation:

I used to have a camera, Casio Exilim, 10.1 MP I believe, but unfortuanely, it broke during school's ski trip, that time I forgot it was in my pocket while I was snowboarding and I fell..
You get the picture heh.

So... I have a CEP, Cultural Exchange Program, trip coming up in the first week of April, which I will be going to Europe with my classmates! Should be fun!

But... no camera! So what is best camera for me, under $200 (include shipping)? I was considering Kodak Easyshare or Canon Powershot. It must have the ability to shoot a video because I like to skateboard and I like to do crazy things.
Do not worry about memory card!

I hope to get some fast replies and thanks in advance!

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posting so i can reference this thread at a later point.

TIA to anyone who helps.

Stay away from brands like Casio and Kodak.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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